Connect with me on Patchwork

Patchwork is a social media application for the Scuttlebutt distributed peer-to-peer network. With Patchwork, you can communicate securely with your friends and peers, without being subject to any central controlling entities. To get connected, download and install the software to your computer. Since the network is trust-based, you need an invitation from someone to join their network. You can use my invite code below.

  1. Download and install Patchwork
  2. Click Join Pub and enter this invite code: ssb.celehner.com:8008:@5XaVcAJ5DklwuuIkjGz4lwm2rOnMHHovhNg7BFFnyJ8=.ed25519~zYtTS3fdeXSyoCUJcuwDPG24PH5Dbh0O6/4OMGzjCJ4=
  3. Wait for messages to sync.
  4. Write a post introducing yourself to the network, if you want to.
  5. Find people to follow. Search this ID to find my feed: @f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519